HELP! "The Project File could not be saved"

I'm working on a Win 7 machine and and working on rebuilding a project in Storyline that was originally done in presenter.   Everything was going fine until i started to load in the Quizzes.  Once i got to the 4 quiz, and i tried to save, the following error shows:

I have tried, save as, tried to save in a different spot.  This happened the first time i loaded this into Storyline and i now get an error that says the file wasn't created in storyline.  The file is saved in My Documents, not in a network drive. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm afraid to close it, as to loose the work or even worse not be able to open again.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Adam! 

There's a pretty thorough discussion going on over here about some steps you can take to help avoid this message in the future. And of course, anytime you're running into trouble or not getting the results you want from troubleshooting, feel free to submit a ticket to our support team.