Hidden Button changing to Normal based on Variables being True not working


I have short Storyline project (which will be added to a Rise Course) where I have a map of the world, and the user clicks on 3 different countries to view a video. (Each video is on its own slide).

Slide one, automatically plays a video, when the timeline ends it jumps to the Map Slide (This works fine)

The user can then click on any of the three options to view a video (The order of which videos to watch are at the users discretion so I don't know which order they will choose)

I created 3 variable. all True/False and set to False.

At the end of each video the Variables are set to change to True when the Video timeline ends and then automatically goes back to the map. (This works fine)

I placed a text reference for each variable on the map slide to see that the variables do switch to True

When all 3 Videos are watched and the 3 variables are all True, I created an action that states when all 3 variables are True show a Continue button, which goes to a final slide with a conclusion video.

The issue is the Continue Button will not appear when all three variable change to True.

The new Actions Panels does not seem to have the ability to rearrange the actions now, as I wanted to see if the hierarchy has an effect, as previously.

Also, I created a 4th Variable to change to True when the other 3 variables are true, and use that one as the trigger to show the Continue Button but that will not change either....

How do I create a trigger that says if Variable 1, 2 and 3 are true then....because the option I have is odd.


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