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Mona Kaushal

I am trying to get both the horizontal and the vertical scroll bars at the same time. I need this for building an eLearn for some policies.

I wasn't able to insert any table as a part of the scroll bar. And, I changed this table to an image but as this image is wider I would also need a horizontal scroll bar now. 

I know it has been 2 years to this post. I wanted to know if there has been any luck in building the same. Please suggest. Thank you!

Josh Yavelberg

This... like other Storyline features that I have requested seem like they would have been added. Feature requests seem useless at this point given that I have put in tons of great ideas that seem to have been discussed for over 5 years now...  

This request is similar to another issue I am trying to figure out a work-around for without adding a stupid amount of time: Zooming and self-navigation of images much like you would with something like: https://zoom.it/ or as you tend to view a PDF. I landed on this thread because the zoom image features of Storyline don't really allow for a self navigation of a blown up image without custom programming the interaction. I thought that I could perhaps find an easy work-around with a scrolling panel.. but alas this too is limited to only vertical navigation. 

I have a ton of images that require this sort of interactivity for training technicians and doctors to read x-rays and other body imaging and art historians who want to zoom in and browse artworks, playground inspectors who need to hone inspection skills. The possibilities are really there and every time I have to jump back into storyline for a client, I get ready for the frustration at the apathy Articulate shows toward actually making a product that can compete.  

Yes... I have an answer to my problem that seems to crop up in this forum and others, which is to host material outside of the SCORM packaging and embed it within the Storyline presentation. This is not a clean solution as embedding the interaction within the package would result in a cleaner and more resilient final product.