How do I make a course open in a custom-sized browser?

I want my "How To" to open in a browser that is 275 x 650.  From what I've read in other posts, I'm pretty sure it can be done by executing some JavaScript when the time line starts on the first slide.

I have zero experience writing code, so I'm looking for exactly what I need to us in that trigger to get the desired result.

The attached screen shot is an example of what I want to do: a "How To" that opens in a custom (narrow) window on the left that is then used side-by-side with another window.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Thanks for reaching out! Here is the information on Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size, but if you would like to create a custom-sized browser via JavaScript coding, we'd need to defer you fellow community members. JS is not something for which we offer support, but in case you'd like to take a look, here are our JavaScript Best Practices and Examples