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Melanie Sobie

For photos I usually add the credit information right on the photo. When you have to list more information like a link to the license, etc., then you can put it in a list at the end of your course, or a list that is available by clicking in the Resources link on the top of the player area.

Bill Cohea

Thanks Melanie. I have a follow up question. What do you do with images that you get off Google images that you are not sure on copyright? Or do you avoid those all together?

Ashley, I took your advice and reposted the original post and the follow up question on the Building Better Courses forum.

Melanie Sobie

I never use any images that I am unsure of the copyright. There are plenty of free resources, or you can take pictures yourself. Without a budget to spend on professional photos, I also try to find creative ways to use something other than a photo.

Have you heard of http://morguefile.com/? It is a good place for free photos.