How result slide detect which result variable to use


I found out that if my variables box list contains a few results variable such as

  • Results.PassPercent
  • Results.PassPoints
  • Results.ScorePercent
  • Results.ScorePoints
  • Results1.PassPercent
  • Results1.PassPoints
  • Results1.ScorePercent
  • Results1.ScorePoints

If i apply those variables with Results1.... at the beginning to my 1st inserted result, the score did not show after completing quiz- all correct.

It is as if:

  • default Results.ScorePercent belongs to 1st result slide created
  • Results1.ScorePercent belongs to 2nd result slide created
  • Results2.ScorePercent belongs to 3rd result slide created
  • etc

So what if I have multiple result slide created which I did not know which was created 1st and some were deleted, and I apply any of the variable versions to the result slide, but it does not work.

I am curious to know how each of the result slide picks up which variable to use and to show the score. Is there a setting which I can see visually so that I know which variable to match with the result slide? 



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Prabhath MP

Hi Maria,

I have an update to share :)

I came across this post which helped me fix the problem I was experiencing with the results slide..

Apparently, duplicating the Results slide resets some of those missing variables and makes it functional.

Thanks to everyone who spared their valuable time to help me find a resolution.

I sincerely appreciate your support.