how to control video play/pause using a single on mouseover?

I want to be able to load a video but have the user control the playing/pausing with a mouse over function. So imagine a guy on a bike riding down a trail. The user would "touch" on an iPad, or mouseover the Play button and the video would play. If they lift their finger/mouse off, it would pause.

And when the video get's to the end, it would stop and touching the Play wouldn't work...

Is that possible? Is it basically just "on mouseover play video, on mouseoff pause video"???

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Rich Calcutt

Sorry but I think you'll have a problem achieving this. Placing a finger on an iPad screen is the equivalent of a click - hover/mouse overs don't work on iPad, I believe. In addition, 'click' triggers in storyline rely on the full click i.e. press down AND release. 

I think this would work for a PC based course (using a simple hover trigger for the cursor) but not for iPad.