Improving quality of peek video in storyline

Does anyone having tips for improving the quality of a peek video when imported into storyline 360?

If I leave the player scaled to optimum size the quality is fine but everything is too small to read properly. If I scale the player to fill the browser the quality is poor. 

I'm capturing software and then putting interactive elements on top of it in storyline. If anyone has any different approaches to software sim type training material that would be appreciated. 

Many thanks

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Emma Herbert

Thanks Alyssa,

You're right. I had a play around with the dimensions and the quality is much better if I match the dimensions of the slide. Unfortunately this crops out pretty much everything I need to capture in the browser window and means I have to scroll around from left/right top/bottom and it isn't going to work. 

I might just have to do a peek video capture and not add it into storyline with interactivity which is a shame.