Improving Tin Can support within Storyline

Can I ask what plans Articulate have for improving Tin Can support within Storyline?

At the moment I believe Storyline supports version 0.9 of the Tin Can standard, but the latest version is 1.1. 

There also seems to be a fundamental issue with the current Tin Can support in Storyline. If only part of a course is viewed and then closed, the time spent/attempt isn't recorded. When relaunching the course, bookmarking seems to work -  although if you close the course again, it still doesn't record any time. If you complete the course the time for that session and a status of complete are shown.

I have reported this issue to Articulate support and have been told it's a known issue and with QA.

In the meantime though, it becomes very hard for us to recommend Storyline to clients as an authoring tool solution that supports Tin Can.

It's even more frustrating when people have spent time and money upgrading their LMS to support Tin Can, only to find Storyline doesn't play ball.

Has anyone else in the community experiencing this?

And what's the word from Articulate, when can we expect better Tin Can support in Storyline?

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