Inconsistent Behavior of Radio Buttons

When I incorporate one of Storyline's built-in radio buttons or checkboxes as one element of a more "designed" button, the radio buttons and checkboxes seem to recognize when they are embedded in a "Selected" button state. At least that is true while editing in Storyline:

Radio button automatically displays in the SELECTED state when put in a button in SELECTED state.

In the above image, the No button is in its Selected state and the embedded radio button auto-detects this and displays in its Selected state, which is great and is exactly what I want.

But when I preview this slide or publish it, here's what I see:

Radio button doesn

Notice that the embedded radio button no longer has the blue mark in its circle, as if it no longer detects that it's embedded in a button that is in the Selected state.

This is disappointing and leads to a question and a request:

My question: Is there a way that I can manually set the state of the radio button to Selected?

My request: Please consider making radio buttons and checkboxes behave in published output the way they behave while editing the Storyline source file. It is confusing and surprising to see different behaviors while editing compared to what you get when you publish.

Since I'm embedding these buttons into other buttons, I think I can work around this problem by just drawing a small blue circle shape over the button where the selected mark would normally be. But I don't think I should have to. 



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