Increase top margin (push player down on page)

Hi all. Does anyone know of a way to increase the top margin of the published output so it appears slightly lower on the html page? I have have some  html (it's a header) that I've edited into  story_html5.html and this works but the course itself sits directly on top of it, about 10px from the top. I don't want to have to iframe the header and the published output if I can avoid it. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Stephanie - This article explains how the player features affect the published story size. Sounds like you may be looking for a more custom solution via the software development kit.

The Articulate Storyline 2 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames for Flash content. 

Please note that the Storyline SDK isn't a supported product. If you need help creating custom frames, we recommend posting in our dedicated SDK forum to connect with other developers.