Increasing issues in Edge and Explorer

I seem to be having an increasing number of students complain that various Storyline activities will not play correctly. They are deployed in our Moodle LMS, and it seems every time I look into this I find that they are using Edge or Explorer. Obviously I suggest they use Chrome or Firefox, but I just wondered if this was happening to others and if there was some other issue going on. 



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Dan Marsden

I'd still check that you are running a recent stable supported version of Moodle and you don't have any custom plugins/themes that are generating a js error and interfering with package.

Also get one of the affected users to pull up the developer console in their browser and send you any information about any errors that are shown.

Whitney Lowe

Yes, we are definitely running a recent stable version of Moodle, but I will check on the js error and interfering. I figured it was a browser issue since it seems only to be happening to people with Edge or Explorer. 

Will check on the developer console and thanks for the input on that.