Indicating the Next button in Storyline Player is available

I've tried searching the threads on this issue. Sorry if I missed anything and this is a repeat.

Regarding the built in Next button on the SL player, is there a way to indicate (change in color perhaps) when it is available and then available?

I know how to use triggers to change is functionality, but nothing indicate that it is disabled.

Yes, I can add a layer to display a message if the user clicks on it before its available.

Yes, I can create a message to display when it becomes available via slide master and the end of slide.

I can create a custom Next but then it has to reside on the slide. This may get confusing jumping around.

It just seems the player controls should have a function that changes the color of the Next button while it displays but is disabled.

Have I missed this?


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Alyssa Gomez

Good news, Ruth! This is a feature in Storyline 360. If you select Restricted Navigation, mark the corresponding box to Restrict Next/Previous buttons.

With that setting, the next button will be disabled for the duration of the timeline. When the timeline completes, it'll switch to normal (no triggers needed!). 

I hope that helps! 😁

Matt McGuire

Hello Alyssa-

Follow up question for you.  Is there any way to change the color of the next button without disabling it?  We have some history here where instead of using the built in next buttons with the disabled/enabled feature you describe (which would be oh so easy), we have instead custom-built next buttons into our courses that display a yellow box when it's time to move on.  I'd like to eliminate this whole button building business (which is both redundant and space-taking), but still use the yellow boxes that our learners are accustomed to seeing.  I don't want to introduce too many changes to our process at once...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt, 

The built-in button can have it's overall color changed if you're using the Classic Player (look at Colors and Effects) - but that won't allow for you to indicate when the learner should move on. The disabled state of the button is the only other option to show a "greyed out" button. Another option would be to hide the button completely until a certain point in the slide that you show it to the learner to navigate forward.