Is GetPlayer now defunct with HMTL5 only?

Can someone please tell me if now that the modern player uses only HMTL5  does that mean we can no longer use GetPlayer to read and write variables using JavaScript?  Because I believe GetPlayer was for the flash content. I have done a ton of stuff with this method and it looks like we are severely limited in what we can do. Are there alternatives? 

A recently published project no longer executes the JavaScript that I had. 


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Rick Maranta

Yes. I used it to get the accessibility name for an object. I have been able to do a lot of interesting things with  GSAP - GreenSock but it seems to have stopped working. What do you use instead to get variables from StoryLine and do you have any alternatives for getting the name of an object out of StoryLine?

Rick Maranta

Thanks Phil, 

I have used Zsolt's method and it seems to load but it looks like Articulate removed the ability to find an object using it's aria-label with JQuery which was a hack someone here found a while ago. I used that and the GSAP library for some functions and animations that can't be done with StoryLine. They used to have the GSAP Tweenlite library linked but I think they removed it. Bummer.