Is it possible to browse the content library outside of an Articulate application

Hi there,

I'm building a course in Articulate Storyline 360.

Is it possible to browse the content library of images, videos etc in Chrome, rather than from within my 360 project?

If I knew a particular image was available, I'd have no issue then going into the library again within Storyline 360 and retrieving it - I just find browsing with the Storyline application slow-going. It would also be helpful to be able to have multiple searches going at once (e.g. searched on different chrome tabs) so I could compare images found using different search terms.

Thanks in advance,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michelle!

I'm happy to help!

Can you view the Content Library outside of Articulate 360 apps?

We don't currently have an option to view the Content Library outside of Articulate 360 apps. Content Library was designed to be integrated into Articulate 360 for a quicker workflow when you need to add images, characters, icons, illustrations, or videos! 

Can you search for multiple keywords at a time in the Content Library?

The way that the Content Library works right now is by adding each asset individually to a slide. However, I can see how this would be useful when you're looking to add multiple images related to a variety of keywords.

We love hearing new ideas! Our product team documents these types of requests using this feature request form. Do you mind sharing why these features would be beneficial to your courses and workflow?

Michelle M

Thanks for your response Lauren - at least now I know. 🙂

This would be helpful because:

  1. I find browsing through the Articulate 360 app slow (it takes a while to load, the images load slowly, you have to press "Load more results"
  2. Due to layout and slowness of the browsing window, it's hard to compare between 2 images even in the same search (what if I want to quickly compare between first search result and the 90th search result? I have to load both onto my slide and then compare)
  3. It's impossible to perform 2 different searches at the same time to compare results
  4. It's impossible to perform search for both say, pictures and videos, at the same time, and hence you cannot  compare between different medias to help align the "style" of your content, without loading things into the slide and comparing there (extra steps, slow to load, if you're not happy with results you have to delete and start over)
  5. Sometimes I'm......not quite sure what I'm looking for! it would be good if I could browse the catalog for inspiration


Hope that helps your team! 

Eliane Dorval

Good morning,

I see another added value in being able to browse the browse the content library outside of an Articulate application. I am currently trying to enforce the use of Articulate within my company. The easiness and effectiveness of the content library would be a major selling point.
I would love to show other departments the visual choices available so they can choose which slides we should be using for their projects.
I would like to have an update on this please.