Is it possible to limit the number of attempts on a non-quiz or freeform slide?

I have created layers to a non-graded question in an assessment. I need to limit the tries to 2. I cannot use the freeform feature as these are specifically designed content slides.

I believe I must create variables but cannot get past the first one.

Help appreciated.


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Ron Price

You can always convert a custom designed slide into a Freeform question and gain access to those features.  It is found under the Insert Tab.  Other than that, the most common way is to use a NUmber Variable and have the Stateof the "Try Again" button change to hidden once it has been selected a certain number of times.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brenda!

Looks like Ron has popped in to assist here. Just wanted to share our documentation:

The Convert to Freeform option lets you turn any content into a freeform question or interaction. For example, you might convert pictures into a multiple-choice question, hotspots into a multiple-response question, or photographic characters into a drag-and-drop interaction. See this tutorial to learn how.