Is reporting available for capturing trigger responses when not set-up as quiz or survey question?

Recently we posted a mandatory compliance training course to our company's LMS (Saba) system. After approx. 50% of participants already completed the course, we were advised that we need to track how users responded to a particular slide. The issue is this particular slide was not created as a graded or survey slide. It was created using generic triggers to advance.

Is it possible for Saba to pull reporting for this type of scenario of a Storyline 2 course?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

Storyline will send quiz data to the LMS when you track with a quiz/survey results slide. Otherwise, we don't send specific information about how the learner interacted with a slide, unless you set up something specific with a Javascript trigger or Tin Can API. 

I'd suggest asking your Saba administrators if there is any data the look into on their end. Otherwise, you may need to look at editing your Storyline course and republishing it.