Issue with changing states via variables

Hi all,

I'm trying to include a badge system in my eLearning - whereby learners can collected badges as they go along. At present I've got two slides set up:

1) Where the learner has achieved their 'Water Badge'. They need to click on the badge to collect it (whereby it goes from greyed out to colour). This then invites them to look at their 'Badge Page' which I've set up as a Lightbox.

2) The Lightbox page with all the badges. In theory, once the learner has collected their badge on the previous page, it should now be coloured on this page with 'locked' hidden.

I've tried to do this by creating a variable that changes when the learner clicks through to the Lightbox. But it's not working.

I've attached the file here. Any suggestions please? If I'm doing this a really convoluted way then please also let me know!

Thanks in advance. 

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Because the lightbox isn't active when the action you currently have as the trigger takes place, nothing changes on the slide; the slide needs to be "in focus" or "on the stage", so to speak.  Change the trigger on your lightbox slide from "when variable changes" to "when timeline starts" and set the lightbox slide property when revisiting to "reset to initial state".

Now, when the lightbox slide fires (enters the stage) it will check your variables and see that it needs to change the state of the badges that have been earned.


No problem.  One more "trick" that you could consider adding:

  1. From the Story View - Click "Player"
  2. Right below the Player Tabs section, click the "New" button (it looks like a blank page with a folded corner).
  3. Name it something like "Badges" or "Badge Status".
  4. Set the action to "Lightbox slide"
  5. Set the target as your Lightbox slide.
  6.  Set it to trigger when "User Clicks"
  7. click "OK".
  8. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons to position it in the player where you want.

Now the badge status slide is accessible from anywhere and at anytime in your course from the StoryLine player.

Steph Doehler

Thanks Owen, that's actually even more useful. 

As a side issue - I've never used Lightboxes much because I can never seem to get the 'lightbox' effect of having it sit on top of the main slide the user was already on, i.e. so you can still see the original slide in the background. So essentially having it as a pop up. Instead, my lightboxes always take up the whole screen, albeit with the X in the corner. Do you have any advice here to get the proper 'pop up' effect?