Javascript Support Needed

Hello Articulate community!

I am looking for some assistance with JavaScript and Storyline 2.  I have been working with someone familiar with JavaScript and we have as of yet been unable to get his code to work the way we want it to. 

I trying to evaluate a text entry variable (named "password") in multiple ways. 

1. If the variable "password" has a minimum of 8 characters change variable "min8" to true.

2. If the variable “password”  has a lower case letter change variable “LowCas” to True

3. If variable “password” has an upper case letter change variable “UppCas” to True

4. If variable “password”  has a number change variable “Numb” to True

5. If variable “password”  has a special character change variable “SpcChr” to True

I have attached the code he has written.  Can anyone take a look and see what we are missing to get this to work?



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