Javascript workaround for large MP4 file

Hi all,

So I am building a Storyline 3 module that will be completed "locally" - it will be preloaded on training laptops and users will complete it by just running the story.exe file, no interaction with a LMS or anything else.

As part of the module, I must include a 27 minutes MP4 video (~970MB). If I put this on a slide using the Insert > Video function, Articulate crashes if I try to save the story file. I'm guessing the file must be too large for it to handle.

I've dabbled in using javascript to make a custom certificate for this course (thanks to this excellent thread and this one), and I'm thinking that if I could create a javascript command to play the video from the local drive that could circumnavigate my problem.

The issue is....I don't know how to write that command! I understand enough coding to edit existing code for my needs and swap in my own media, but I don't know how to parse the command in the first place. 

Would anybody have enough knowhow and goodwill to help me out?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Joe Dey

I have done a similar project. Design a button\shape etc to look like you want then simply assign a trigger ‘jump to url\file’ and then point that trigger to the locally stored video file. You will need to maintain absolute referencing and upload the video file. You could place it in the root folder of the output file in which case you’ll just need the file name and extension to link to. If our place the file one folder down then use ..\filename.mp4 as the reference for example.