JAWS and Articulate Storyline 360 Quiz Layers

I am working on a project for a higher education program, and we want to make sure it works well with screen readers. We have a similar issue as this post. When someone activates a button and a new layer appears, there is no indication that there is new information on the page that needs to be read by the JAWS screen reader. It is working as intended with NVDA. 

Particularly, when submitting a quiz question, the "Try again," "Correct," or "Incorrect" layer appears, but there is no indication in JAWS that anything has changed on the slide.

In the slide properties, I have "prevent the user from clicking on the base layer"  checked. I also rebuilt the layers from scratch in case that was the issue. No luck. Any thoughts on how we can get this to work?

Sample Project Slides

Version: Articulate Storyline 360 - v3.57.26476.0


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