Jump to slide in Storyline from outside the course?

Using something like JavaScript, is there ANY way I can go to a specific slide or scene in a Storyline course, from outside the course?

Example: A learner is just working on a webpage at their job and it asks them:

"Hey, did you want to learn more on this function? Click here to be taken directly to the specific part of this bigger course that talks about what you're seeing here."

And then it jumps to, say, slide 23 in scene 5?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth,

Thanks for following up, and I'm sorry you haven't received any help with this yet! Javascript code and making edits to it isn't something our team here in ELH is equipped to help with. We leave those type of questions to the ELH community of users, many of whom are Javascript experts! 

You could also try starting a new discussion with the question about using Javascript in the title and share your file again too. That way you may get some more eyes on it. 

Ravindra Gardi

I am trying to achieve below things:

1.      I am trying to find out the JavaScript function(in storyline 3) which is used for JumpToSlide trigger.

2.      I am trying to jump to the particular slide from the outside of the articulate package

3.      Basically, we have our own LMS and TOC. If I clicked on the particulate item of TOC it should execute the jump to slide trigger and jump to particulate page of package.

4.      I have tried below suggested method:


But problem with this method is that it has used the URL to get data and it is loading the module every time when clicked on TOC.

I don’t want to reload the module again and again.

if any help on this really helpful.

Russell Killips
Marcus Haddon

As it turns out, it is now working. But I am not sure as to why it is now working? But not complaining.

Thanks to both Russell and Matthew. 

I have posted another question separate to this. It is the same project but a different challenge - Would either of you be able to have a look and point me in the right direction for a solution?


Many Thanks

Stephen G

Hi, has anyone managed to ever get this working within an LMS system ?

I have a working project but once it is uploaded to the LMS it breaks down. The problem is that the URL changes each time the user launches the training, rendering the process useless. I can't specify a unique URL within storyline as it changes each time.

Any help greatly appreciated,