Layers and audio on base layer

Hi all,

I made a slide that consists out of a base slide and 3 layers.

On the base I inserted audio explaining they should click each button the slide to get more explanation. The layer opens and you hear the audio I recorded there. I installed a "home" button to go back to the base layer. It works but how can I prevent the audio (instructions) from the base layer to start playing again?



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Hello Wendy,

Thank you for that. I tried what you asked but it did not work. It is slide 1.3 in my presentation. I still need to upload the master template but I attached the presentation. Maybe you would be so kind as to have a look? 

I am trying the trail version to see if this would be a good product to use in my classes. I am also stuck on slide 1.6 and forward. Slide 1.6 is an instruction slide to go into the engage slides 1.7 and 1.9. When they are done users should be able to continue to slides 1.8 and 1.10... but I cant get them in that order... 

Any tutorials you can recommend? I like building the courses but the interactivity i.e. branching, layers etc do not always seem so easy... could off course be me ;-)

Thanks for your help greatly appreciated,

I hope I can learn from it,

Kind regards,


Wendy Farmer

tried what you asked but it did not work. It is slide 1.3 in my presentation.

Hi Robin

Slide 1.3 - you had jump to slide triggers on the layers which you didn't need so I deactivated those and the audio is only playing on first go not when returning to the layers

So I'm confused how you want the user to progress.

on 1.7 and 1.9 you have a home button and the next button. Just confirm where you want the user to go is it...

1.6 > 1.7 back to 1.6

1.6 > 1.9 back to 1.6  then go to 1.8 or 1.10? 


Hi Wendy,

Here I am again. I am a fan of Storyline and would like to introduce it to my colleague's at the school where I teach. I made a project but before I present it I need it to work. I am stuck on slide 1.3. The aim: the user clicks on the picture listens to the layer uses the home button to go back to the main slide. The user needs to do all 3 pictures before he can click next and go to the next slide. I burned the midnight oil but or it is like its now you can click next all the time or you cant click next at all. I would like to introduce this relatively fast as the academic year has started. May I kindly ask you to have a look at the project attached and help me fix this? Thank you very much for your kind help greatly appreciated, Kind regards, Robin (the project is in Dutch if you wondered what language it is :-)

Walt Hamilton

The very easiest method is to set a trigger to jump to the next slide if Picture1, Picture2, and Picture3 are all in the visited state. Then on each layer, Instead of Jump to This slide when user clicks Button1, use Hide this layer when user clicks Button1.

Two things to think about:

1. If you return to the main slide by hiding the layer, instead of jumping to the slide, the audio on the main slide will not play again.

w. If you return to the main slide by jumping to it, instead of hiding the layer, the pictures lose their visited state. You will have to set variables to indicate that the layers have been visited.

Which of these two do you want?

I have set the sample to option 1.