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Emily Ruby

Hello Lexy!

You should be able to set the button to an initial state of hidden, then have it show on timeline start on condition that all the other slides have been visited. Are you using buttons to have users jump to these slides from a Menu type slide? Or do you want this button to appear on the last slide?

As as Wendy stated you can share the file if you would like us to look at your set up.

Lexy Condon

Hello Emily and Wendy,

I have attached the file. What your saying makes sense I just can't seem to get it to work. What I am trying to do is once the participant has viewed slides 1.3 - 1.6 that slide 1.2 shows the  course start layer. They cannot move on until they have viewed all the screens.

Thank you :)

Michael Hinze

@Lexy, have a look at the attached file and see if hat's what you wanted. I added two variables used to signify completion of the navigation slides and the course overview. If both are completed ('True'), then the start layer is displayed. Hope that makes sense.

Emily Ruby

Hello Lexy!

Another way to do this is to move your "show layer" trigger on to the base layer. Since it was on the layer itself, it was not triggering. The trigger will be show layer "course start" when the timeline begins on condition that the 2 buttons are visited. Attached is an updated file.