Layers behaving differently - anybody seen this?

I've observed something and am curious if anybody else has encountered this.

I have

  • Base layer with audio and six buttons, with states "Initial" and "finished".
  • Each button contains triggers to (triggers are in this order)
    • change state of button to Finished when clicked
    • show relevant layer when clicked
  • There are 6 layers, one for each button
  • Each layer contains audio, and the triggers to (triggers are in this order)
    • Play Audio file when timeline starts 
    • to "Change state of Next Button to Normal IF all buttons are in state finished WHEN the timeline (of this layer) ends
    • Hide this layer when timeline ends

The odd thing is, the command to change the state of the Next button works for all my layers except one, let's call it Layer X. On Layer X, I can only get the Next button to change state if I change the trigger to Change state of Next Button to Normal IF all buttons are finished WHEN the Audio Media ends.

The triggers on all the layers are exactly the same, except for the layer referenced, and I've triple checked to make sure they are all correct.

I've achieved a workaround as described above, but I'm just baffled as to why the same commands wouldn't work on one layer when it works on all others. I can't share the file as it contains proprietary information, but I was just curious as to whether anybody else encountered behavior like this and what might be causing it?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

It's hard to say without seeing it and playing around with the trigger set up. Perhaps the last two triggers are occurring too quickly with not enough time to execute? You could try removing the "hide layer" trigger on that final layer to see how it behaves and if the Next button's state changes.

Let us know if you need anything else! IF you're able to share files privately you can always send to our Support Engineers as well!