Learning style assessment template

Had to do this for a client and thought I'd share it with you.

You know the type of self assessment where you are asked to answer a number of behavioural-type questions and it categorises your learning style based on whether you chose the letter A more often than the letter B or C etc.

If you going to use it, I suggest you change the button by question 5 (where I stopped). A simple NEXT button could have been used to show various results layers. Just add triggers of my button to yours before deleting mine.  


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Alphonso for sharing here - interesting that you put it all on a layer and tracked with variables! I wonder if you could share a bit about why you choose to set it up that way vs. using standard question slides? That insight may prove valuable to others who come across this thread and are looking at using the same type of set up. 

Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Ashley

thanks for the nudge in another direction. I spent some time investigating and actually came to the conclusion that I could have used Storyline multiple choice quiz template. It works just as well - if not better, since it allows for randomising of answers.

I also found out that the results can be graphed (bar chart) which makes it so much more useful. Will upload file of revised template as soon as i have a moment to spare.