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Whitney Lowe

Hi Bruce:

What I would like to do is something similar to what you see in this site:


Down at the lower left hand corner there is a link that says "review your pathway" and it remembers the various steps and locations you have visited during the course. This was built in a software platform called Open Labyrinth that uses a back end database to track activity, so I was wondering if something like this could be done in Storyline with variables of some kind. Does that help?

Alexandros Anoyatis

You can do that with variables by adding a completed (True/False) variable in each slide or just the last slide of each path. There's many ways to go about it, depending on whether you want the student to be able to go back and follow a different path, or not.

You could even do this visually using a slide (disconnected from the course) which can be called as a lightbox each time the user wants to display the pathway.

Alexandros Anoyatis

I would probably do the following :

1) Create a slide unconnected to the rest of the course.

This would serve as the visual pathway slide. The majority of my work would have to take place in that slide only.

2) I would use 'line shapes' and 'textboxes' to form all path possibilities.

Then set those to hidden initially. Since all paths (except maybe the starting path which is always the same) are hidden, I would test the variable value of all the variables in the course slides against my shapes.

For example : we have variables 1 (true) '2-1' (false) and 2-2 (false). If a student chooses the 1st alternate path (2-1) in the branch and chooses to complete that, the value of '2-1' will have to be changed to 'true' (at the end of that path, as Bruce mentioned above).

Then the 'pathway' slide will check which of those variables are true, and set the corresponding 'shapes' to visible.

3) Set a fixed pathway button on your regular course slides which displays the otherwise unconnected 'pathway' slide in a lightbox.

I hope this makes sense.