Lightbox and the timeline of the main slide

Hi Guys,

I have several buttons on my main slide, which open lightbox slides with quiz questions.

There's a time counter on the main slide, but every time the lightbox is opened and closed, the timer is paused, which I don't want to happen.

So the question is: how to make a main slide's timeline to play, even any lightbox is open?

Have you got any idea how to set this?



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rehan arshad

Hi Joanna i guess there is no way to do this.

what you have to do is that you have to copy all the Triggers to the Light box as well using reference to the time to get it running

I am Attaching an example. it is just for the sake of your help and you can modify your Timer as you want

You can control the timeline to be resumed or paused only if you are working on the layers

If you need further information you can ask

Anum Ash

Hi joanna,

I was working on your issue so come up with an idea by putting the timer on the master slide.Also your base layer and lightbox should have same timeline for e.g 1sec or 2 as you want your timer to adjust I am also putting the story so, it will be helpful you.

I hope you will find it useful,