LMS Reports Answers But I Cannot Identify Questions

Our LMS is LearnUpon. When I generate a SCORM/TinCan report for my exam, the questions are labeled like this: "Scene1_QuestionDraw101_Slide1_HotSpot_0_0 [choice]". I cannot determine what the questions are with this information. (I shuffle questions, by the way.)

LearnUpon tells me, "When the course is created in the authoring tool it is up to the course creator to label each question so that it reports back to the portal correctly."  In Storyline (FYI, I use Storyline 2), it appears that the questions were auto-labeled with a number and the same text as the questions (e.g. Multiple Choic Q7.2 What voltage can be used...").

So, where can I label the questions so they appear in the LMS correctly?

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