LMS STATUSes : via LMS > Tracking & Reporting VS Complete course as.. on a button on last page

Namely this:  two status places , but which ?

What this difference the in the Reporter when you publish for LMS and sent the status to the LMS has 1 of the 4 on the left, VERSUS when you have a user click a button on the last slide to close course and have 2 additional (and different) statuses (that don't match the any of the 4 from the other). 

Should I only be using one of these? Is there a preference for one when if I am tracking completions based on total slides viewed? 

Oh and let's not forgot the LMS's pdf http://bit.ly/BR-SCORM-FAQ-PDF... that says use : Passed/Failed or Passed/Completed, of which I feel like then I have to use Passed/Failed because there IS no Passed/Completed in Storyline (even though, these are THEIR publishing suggestions for Storyline 3/360.

Meanwhile, all *I* want to do is mark "COMPLETED" if the user views at least 30 slides out of 48. But so far, my various iterations aren't working. 

Does anyone have the CORRECT answer so that *I* can be completed before I pass OUT!


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Randy Hill

It's a typo in their PDF, they meant Passed/failed or Passed/Incomplete. If you want to track by number of slides viewed then in the Reporting and Tracking options under Tracking select Track using number of slides viewed and then select 30 if that is what you are looking for. 

For most LMS's you use Complete/Incomplete or Complete Failed for Tracking via number of slides viewed but it sounds like Bridge is backwards.

Randy Hill

The trigger is basically saying as submit the course as completed/passed (depending on the tracking option you have set in options) or Incomplete/Failed (depending on which you have setup)

So if you have the course set up as Passed/Failed, then it will submit as Passed or failed depending on the drop down you select.