lost video recording

I recorded a video simulation of software I use. When I click done, at the input screen i accidently hit cancel (not knowing I canceled - trying to do too many things at once). A dialogue box popped up asking if I wanted to save for later use. i clicked yes. (I thought because I recently downloaded an update that this was part of the update.) My question is, where does this save the video? and how do I retrieve it for "later use"?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bill,

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Just a bit more detail to fill in Phil's response. It's not necessarily intuitive (at least it isn't for me), but while working in the .story that has the recording,

  • Click the Insert tab (Slide group)
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the Record button (circled in black in the screenshot).

You'll see any recordings there, and if you hover over any recording, you'll see the tool tip indicating you can insert that recording.