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Nancy Woinoski

Funny, I was just asking the same thing. I thought this functionality existed at one point but it does not seem to work now.

Someone told me that using Format Painter is supposed to work but it doesn't work either.

I think this is something that needs to be fixed or included in the product.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching out, Richard and Nancy!

Although the Text Box on the Format Shape window is disabled for Markers, I'm happy to share your thoughts with our product team!


Your vote to have the Internal Margin enabled is very appreciated, and I promise we'll keep this conversation updated if any changes are applied to this area. Scout's Honor!

As always, keep those examples and ideas coming!

Becca Levan

Hello Sergio,

Thanks for following up! I don't have an update on the status of this feature request, but I can share a workaround for editing marker margins:

Highlight the text in the marker, go to the Home tab, and in the Paragraph section, click on the expander to open up the window to fine-tune the Indentation and Spacing. Here's a Peek recording.

I hope that helps, and now that you're subscribed to this discussion, you'll get notification of any future updates added here!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Benjamin!

I really appreciate you taking the time to offer feedback on the behavior of markers in Storyline. We currently have a feature request logged for text formatting in markers, so I've added your comments to that report. I've also added a feature request to add a pulse animation to our list ofanimationss.

I'll keep you updated if these features make it on our roadmap!

Sophie Ross

Hi Lauren and Becca, is there a way to increase the spacing above the heading text within the marker?  I've followed the indentation tip which worked well.  However I can't get my course approved to publish through internal QA checks unless there is an even spacing around all text, hence needing space above the heading.
Thanks :)

Becca Levan

Hi Sophie! Happy to hear the indentation tip was helpful 😊

I'm hoping the tip I share in this quick 1 minute Peek recording will help you get that course approved; keep me posted!

P.S. I've added your voice to the feature request we have logged for text formatting in markers and will keep you in the loop of any new news!