Master slide custom menu variables/triggers

Hi folks,

I've been asked to fix a custom menu baked onto the slide master. There are 5 scene/chapters with subtopics and some with sub-sub-topics. The goal is to have the chapter title to stay 'on' or selected (both states are there) when the sub topics are selected. I thought I'd found the answer based on this discussion but it's still not working.

So grateful for any input!

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Matthew Bibby

Your menu is controlled by triggers that say "Change the state of this to this when whatever variable changes".

This means that when the variable changes, the menu states will change to the relevant state. However, the Master Slide will reload when you navigate to a different slide, which means the menu won't show the correct states anymore as the variable hasn't changed since the Slide Master was reloaded.

So as well as your current triggers, you also need some that say "Change the state of this to this when the timeline starts if whatever variable is equal to whatever".

Does that make sense?