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Crystal Horn

Hi Mark! A shape placed over a placeholder in the Slide Master will be moved behind the placeholder in Edit mode to enable clicking on the placeholder to insert an image. This actually works the same as the Slide Master feature in PowerPoint.

Try adding the transparent shape to a layer on the Slide Master. Then add the trigger, Show layer Layer 1 when timeline starts on [slide master]. Here's a Peek from my colleague, Alyssa, at how that works!

Jon Bailey

I'm having the same issue. While the layer trick works for getting the shape back over the background image, any text placed over the shape is gone (since the shape is now the very top layer). Can you explain how you would get both the shape and the text on top of the shape to stay on top of the background image (all in master slide)? Thanks.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

How are you placing the text on the shape? Typing it directly in the shape, or placing a textbox on top of the shape within the layer?

If you're placing the text in the master slide base layer, then the shape will indeed cover the text. Here's what I'm seeing when I place text on top of the shape.

Let me know if you see something different!