Afternoon folks


I'm almost 100% sure that I saw a thread a few weeks ago, where an ingenius formula was provided to report the information provided by the users.


I recollect that it was to measure the effectiveness of the course, where the user entered a figure - either on a lickart scale or as part of a data entry insert - that was then collated for reporting purposes by the Operations Team.


In a module I have just built, I utilised the data entry insert, asking users to provide a score between 1-10 of how confident they now are using the learning covered in the module.  But, I'm no longer able to find the bloomin' formula I thought I had saved to favourites :(


Do any of you recall this discussion/thread I am referring to?  If so, please would you include a link for me to find it.


Alternatively, would any of you be able to provide me with an idea of how I can gather those ratings from the users, so I can report back the effectiveness of the module to the Content Authors?


Your help, as ever, would be hugely appreciated :)

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Christie Pollick
Jo Lamontagne

Thanks Christie!


These are great, and I wholeheartedly buy in to measuring the effectiveness and learner satisfaction.  This is why I have created the Confidence Rating at the end of my module. 


My problem isn't that I don't know how to measure the effectiveness/satisfaction, it's that I'm struggling to find a variable/formula/javascript that will pull that Confidence Rating from each learner's completed course, to a report I can then analyse.


That's the crux of the thread i 'thought' I'd come across on e-Learning Heroes.  Only, I can't, for the life of me, find it to refer to :(


Thanks for taking the time to respond