MENU as a drop down - not visible unless clicked

Hi there - I would like the menu in storyline to only display when selected.  The courses I have are linear, so the user only needs NEXT/PREV - but having the menu as a TOC of sorts, is nice - but only optional.  Is there a way to have the MENU button but not have it always show the list of slides?

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Bill Kelleher

I don't know if there are ways to make that happen in the player, though this is a vey creative group. I use a custom menu on my slide for that sort of thing. I have attached examples in the file below.

Update: Heres what the drop down looks like in a course, designed differently with same functionality:

Christie Pollick

Hi, Susan -- In addition to Bill suggestion, you may want to check out the suggestions offered over here, and you may also want to check out a different idea for How to Create a Cool Menu Button Nesting Animation Effect with Storyline. And you may also find this post as well as this one to be of some interest, as well. 

Please let us know if that is not what you had in mind, and you are always welcome to reach out in our design-related forum, Building Better Courses, too! :)