Microsoft Office and Articulate Storyline 2

Hello everyone:

I was wondering what all versions of Microsoft Office they were using in conjunction with Articulate Storyline (in particular, version 2).

Here at work, I have Office 2007 Professional loaded along with Storyline 2 and it seems to work fine.

I have read previous discussion threads in the past, however, that indicate potential issues with later versions of Office, such as 2010 or 2013.

This is important, because Storyline 2 functions such as Translation Export and Import, REQUIRE Microsoft Word in order to work effectively:

  • Can anyone (assembled e-Heroes OR Articulate Staff) confirm which versions of Microsoft Office work well with Storyline 2?  Is 2016 supported?
  • Also, does Microsoft Office need to be installed PRIOR to a Storyline 2 installation? Or it is OK to install Office AFTER Storyline?

Send any and all answers to these two questions, please, on a postcard, or post to this discussion forum.

Thanks! ;)


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Mark Shepherd

Hi Christie:

Thanks for the update and the associated System Requirements link for SL2.

Do you know offhand how well Storyline 2 works with Office 2016?

Are you or any of the other staff using this new version of Microsoft Office with Articulate products and tools as yet?

Justin Grenier

Hey, Mark.

I'm using Storyline 2 and Office 2016.  I'm not in a production authoring environment where I'm hitting it hard all day, every day, but I am able to export and import .doc translation files without a problem.  Our QA team has also tested this and found it to be working as expected.

Good luck with your project!

Mark Shepherd

Thanks Justin, Emily, and Phil for your comments.  :)

Clearly Office 2013 and 2016 seem to be the favorites so far amongst the group, which is great, because I am looking to start with 2013 but will add 2016 alongside it fairly soon...! ;)

Here at work we will likely move up to Office 2010 or 2013 from 2007 sometime later this year. 

As my office is a live authoring environment, we will no doubt be pushing things pretty hard.

As to my laptop, it will be a lot less intense, so I have no worries as yet. ;)