Migration Issue

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to open a Storyline 1 file with Storyline 2. Usually, it's a seamless process. With this particular file, Storyline 2 freezes every time. I can't get the file upgraded and I can't work with it in its Storyline 1 state.
Has anyone else ever experienced this? If so, how do I get this file open? (I don't have Storyline 1 on my computer and it's not my original work...I'm editing for someone else.)


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sharon - Welcome to the Community!

What you may want to try is opening Storyline first, and then navigate to the file, as opposed to opening it from the icon. And since you are using someone else's file, you may want to read here for more information on unexpected or erratic behavior in Storyline 2, and please confirm that you are working locally. And since Storyline 2 is not backwards compatible to Storyline 1, you should note that if you open the file in SL2, the other person will not be able to reopen in SL1. However, there will be a backup file created, and they can still open this without any edits made in Storyline 2.