Network Settings preventing me from inserting video in Storyline 2?

Has anyone encountered an issue where they were unable to insert audio or video in Storyline 2 due to changes on their network security?  A month ago, all 9 developers at my company suddenly lost the ability to insert video into Storyline and audio is hit or miss. We also are unable to publish to an LMS.  Prior to this, we were all able to do all of these things.  Additionally, all of the files we are using are stored on our desktops, the file types are approved by Storyline and have been used by us in the past.  We have followed most of the Articulate troubleshooting suggestions, including a clean install and still no luck.  Any suggestions? The only thing we can think of is that it could be a network issue. Thanks!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Adam,

That's not good! It does seem strange that you would all lose those exact functions at the same time. What happens when you attempt to insert video, audio, and publish to an LMS? Are you receiving any sort of error message?

Just to make sure we're covering all bases- you mentioned that you store your files locally. This is great, as you'll want to make sure that you're working locally as described here. Working from a network isn't supported and can cause some undesirable behavior. You also mentioned a concern about network settings and security. However, if Storyline 2 is installed on your individual computers and all your files are local, I wouldn't think that would come into play. Is there anything you're accessing through your network when you work in Storyline? 

I also noticed that you had a case with our Support Engineers recently for these issues, #00932741. It looks like Lea had sent you some troubleshooting steps to follow and was waiting on some additional logs to track to the problem. If you're still running into this issue, your best bet is to reply back in the case with those details so she can work with you further to nail down the cause. You're in great hands there! I'll also be keeping an eye on your case and will relay relevant details back here for anyone who may find it useful. Thanks so much for reaching out here! :)

Adam Gagne

Hi Ali,

Thanks for reaching out.  Lea has offered great support thus far and we have tried most of her suggestions with no luck yet.  Although, Storyline 2 is installed locally, we do not have admin rights.  We need an administrator to remote in to install programs on our computers and make changes.  Also, security patches are regularly pushed out to our machines and we thought that could have an impact. When we attempt to insert audio or video, nothing happens, not even an error.  I have one final test at a solution that Lea sent over, but again it seems odd that it happened to all of us at once.

Ali Goulet

Thanks for letting me know, Adam. I agree, it does seem rather odd! If that last solution doesn't resolve these issues, continuing to troubleshoot with Lea will be the best way to get to the root of it all. If you're able to collect and send in the logs to your case from when the problems occur, it may also be easier to determine what the culprit is. I've also reached out to Lea to let her know that you're still running into these roadblocks just so everyone's on the same page.

Keep us posted!