New in Storyline 360: Text to speech, object editing improvements, and more

Hello, everyone!

We’re so excited to share all the great new features in Storyline 360! Here’s what’s new:

  • Text to speech: Speed course development by converting text to speech right in Storyline 360. You can choose the voice and language, so every word sounds perfect.
  • Text-to-speech closed captions: Let the app do all the work for you to generate closed captions that are automatically synced with text-to-speech narration.
  • Object editing enhancements: Size and position objects with pixel-perfect precision. Workflow improvements make it easier than ever to format objects on your slide.
  • Fine-tune motion paths: Create perfect motion paths easily with new features that give you more control over how objects move around your slides.
  • Random numbers variable: Use the random numbers variable to easily build math problems, present learners with randomly selected content, and add gaming elements to your courses.

Check out our What’s New page to learn more about these features, and what’s new in Rise and Content Library.

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Doug Dewan

Hi Trina,

Tried the new Text to Speech and think it works great! I have one question. Is it possible to adjust the speed and timing of the speech. For example, if you would like to have a few seconds pause in between statements or sync with some animations? Do you need to go into audio editor afterwards to do this?

Jean-David Rouah

@Tex Hale,  not sure if you solved your problem (French T2S with English captions), but here's a trick I've been using to make custom captions:
1) create your T2S in French, untick captions.
2) create an English version of your T2S script, and tick the caption option
3) edit this 02nd sound file in SL, and set the volume at to zero.
4) Then you need to synch the position of both T2S files on your timeline.
You'll hear the script in French, and the captions will run the English version.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

It's not on the roadmap as a feature for Storyline 3. The next software update for Storyline 3 (coming soon) will allow you to open Storyline 360 project files that have text-to-speech narration. You just won't be able to update the text-to-speech settings in Storyline 3. 

Take a look at additional details on this here.

Johnna Hodges

I would love to learn more about the Text to Speech feature, but the link seems to be broken.  The link to which I am referring is the contained in:

Check out our What’s New page to learn more about these features, and what’s new in Rise and Content Library.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Thanks very much