Next button Trigger not working


I have a Articulate 360 Storyline product where I used a template and cannot get the NEXT button to appear when the user goes back to review the page.  I have uploaded the sample so you can take a look.  After clicking all the buttons on the second slide and advance to the third slide and click the previous button.  When I go back to the second slide I cannot get the next button to reappear.  Please help. Thank you

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Sarah Cook

Hi Bobbi

This might work for you. I've attached your file - on Slide 2, I edited your first Trigger, so that the Next Button is Disabled if Slide2Visited is False. 

I added a Variable called Slide2Visited, with a Default Value of False. 

Then I added a Trigger so that when all the tabs are Visited, Slide2Visited is True. Now when you click Next to Screen 3, then back to Screen 2, the Next button should still be visible.

Hope this helps. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Bobbi,

If you are wanting your users to go through all the tabs again when they return to Slide 2, you need to add additional triggers to reset all the tabs to Normal when the timeline starts:

If you simply want the Next button to be visible immediately the user returns to Slide 2, I would suggest the following:

1.  Create a True/False variable called Slide2Complete and set its default value to "False".

2.  Create a trigger on Slide 2 to set Slide2Complete to "True" when the states of Tab A, Tab B, Tab C, Tab D and Tab E are all Visited.

3.  Add a condition to your trigger on Slide 2 that sets the Next button to Disabled such that it only functions if Slide2Complete equals "False".

This will ensure that the Next button is permanently visible when the user returns to Slide 2 as it will not reset to Disabled because the variable will be equal to "True".