Not able to import PowerPoint into Storyline


I am not able to import PowerPoint into Storyline. I carried out all the steps mentioned in this link: but still unable to import. Here are few things that may help you help me:

PPT version: 2010 32-bit, not set to run as administrator, latest service pack installed, not password protected.

Please help!


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Vijay Krishnan

I know I am responding to an old thread, but wanted to share a work around that helped me fix this issue. I faced the exact same issue and I was unable to import my PowerPoint presentations into Storyline. I tried several other approaches suggested in the forums but nothing helped. Here's what finally worked for me -

1) Open PowerPoint in Admin mode
2) Now open the PPT file that you are trying to import to Storyline
3) Save the PPT file
4) Now try importing this PPT file and it works fine.