NOT advancing to next slide after video finishes - please help?

Hello, I have added  a trigger to advance to next slide once the video timeline ends - however, it does not work.  I am unable to click the next button once the video finishes.  This is the only trigger listed to ensure that there are no issues that would cause a conflict...

Then I tried adding triggers to hide the next button until the video finishes and then re-appear.. but when I do that then my video disappears totally from the presentation.  I have checked the order to ensure that is not causing the issue as well. 

I also loaded the most recent update to ensure that my software is current...

video trigger

Anyone have any thoughts as to what may be causing this weird behavior??

I now cringe every time someone now mentions video uggh!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Christina,

It would be easier to see the file itself if you could share it here.

Judging by the screenshot you attached, you would need to change the object to the slide itself if you want to have the slide advance upon the timeline ending. If you wanted the slide to advance when the video completes, you would need to change the When event to "when media completes" and select the video as the object.

Hope this helps.

Matthew Bibby

Hi Christina,

I had this problem a while back. If you change When Timeline Ends to When Media Completes you should be good to go.

I also recommend updating to the latest version of Storyline if you haven't already, as some users have run into issues with their project files not saving after working with videos.

Michael Hinze
Christina Kelley

HI Michael - can you add insert a test question after your video and have the trigger go to next slide once the video completes?  I'm thinking this is really an issue with the inserting of test questions?

Yes, you can insert a question slide after a video, see here:

Christina Kelley

HI Emily - i am thinking this is really an issue with the inserting of test questions and the triggers??  when i added the test question (multiple response) question then the slide prior to the question slide will not go to the next slide.  I added a blank slide after the video - the video slide advanced just as expected - added the question slide - the blank slide did not advance :(

Emily Ruby


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