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Is there any way to stop the slide titles appearing as the titles of the notes? We are a technical team with English as a working language but localising courses into other languages, and not always ones we speak. So it would be useful to keep the slide titles (eg as used in story view) in English, but we don't want this to appear at the top of the translated notes. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking the best thing is to strip the titles out completely, which would be a shame, especially for identifying multiple tabs when working on the project. Or to ask for translations for our slide titles from the localisers, which would be more work and mean tabs etc may be in a foreign language...but I guess that's more workable than blank tabs!

(Am hoping the answer is 'click this button and the titles will not appear in the notes,' but I have a funny feeling that's not the case...

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tamara, 

Unfortunately, doesn't look like it's possible to hide the slide titles from the Notes tab in Storyline. Though it may not be the most appealing way to do this, you could always provide the translated version of the slide title in the notes, directly below the title that shows by default. Both will be shown, so like I said I'm not sure if it will work for you, but users may simply see that it's a translation and accept this type of display. 

I'm not sure how you have the course designed, but maybe you could show the translated content a little differently? Perhaps a button triggering a lightbox that displays the translated content and/or text? Not sure that will work for you either, but maybe it'll help get you closer to something that will make this easier for you.