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Amaia Quesada

I also have a problem with a number variable in my simple 5 question quiz. My variable doesn't seem to be adding up. At the end of the quiz I want the participant to get a message depending on the correct answers, that shows the number of correct answers.

Can you take a look at it?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Amaia

Trigger order is very important.  On your correct layer you have the layer closing, jump to another slide, then adjust the variable.  The trigger to adjust the variable to count correctanswers is never executing.

Move the trigger to the top of the list.  Here is a KB article to assist you with trigger order

Amaia Quesada

Thanks so much Wendy!

I didn't know that triggers had to be in order but it makes a lot of sense. It seems to work perfectly now!

Sorry, on another note I forgot to mention a funny thing that happens between questions 4 and 5 and after 5. I copy-pasted the same triggers for all buttons, however after clicking on button 4, I can see how button 5 changes state already before the question slide appears and same after clicking on button 5, I can see how the state of this button changes before the question slide appears. This doesn't happen with all first 3 questions and I'd like it to be this way for all.
Am I doing something else wrong?

Thanks in advance!