Decimal values in quiz not accepted


I am using AS3 and I have created a quiz, which has a question requiring a numeric entry.

I have chosen a range of possible answers to allow for rounding mistakes:

In the answer (preview or published) it will not accept any value with a point. It only allows  integers as in 3 or 67 (is "integer" even the correct word here?)

Have tried to find this issue in the forum but no success. What am I doing wrong?

If that helps, I am in Germany, where decimal numbers are spelled with a comma instead a point but my AS3 is in English and so is the quiz. 



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Felix Franke

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you, will try it when I have more time.

I think the problems started when I deleted the popup-layers because I did not want those. I suppose I deleted some trigger with that, which I did not see (nothing in the window on the right), but I have only just started so I am probably missing something really simple and basic...

I have kind of found a way around it now, but will look at your idea when I have a bit more time.

Thanks again!