Open Course - and data entry variable newbie question

I have an open course that does not require a log in - its on our intranet.  All users must take it.  I have added a data entry field to capture the users name is there anything i must do/set so that when other users take the course the data is cleared away - meaning they will not get the do you want to continue message or will just entering a new name do the trick -



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Christina,

By the "want to continue message", do you mean the prompt to resume? If you want to make sure that users never see this, you can force the course to bypass the resume and start over. 

In the "Player Properties" click on "Other". Here, you'll see an option for "Resume: On restart:". Try setting this to "Never". 

It should look like this:

I hope this helps! If this isn't what you're trying to do, just let me know.