Opening older courses directly causes SWF files to be generated


I have been asked by some remote learning teams in my company to investigate something concerning the HTML5 only publishing,

Thee are 3 old courses from 2018 that were set to Html5 with flash Fallback.

These three modules were then reopened last week and published as HTML5 only. This was easy to do as they were simple short modules.

When they published as HTML5 only there were still SWF file objects in the output folder (quite a few actually) which was odd.

Here is what I found though.

If I double click on the .story file and change it to HTML5 output only, the published files will have SWF objects.

However, if I close Storyline 360, then launch it, then browse to the .story file, then publish as HTML5 only, then it published without any SWF references at all.

Has this been picked up on already and if so what is the cause of this? My thinking is that possibly when you doubleclick a older .story file, it opens up in the older version of Storyline that the file was created in? Or is it something else?


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