Optimal Project Size for Storyline (and other Articulate products)

I'd like to use this post to round-up some standards on project size and screen resolutions for Articulate products. I know we won't get 100% agreement, but it would be great to have the best practices laid out here. 


One reason I'm interested in this is that I’ve been developing some templates for Articulate products and wanted to check with the community before I go too much further. I know there have been a number of threads about this in the past (see Dave’s awesome post here), but now that we have StoryLine and mobile considerations, I wanted to create a thread to pull it all together here.


It seems to me that for standard StoryLine projects, we should stick to a 4:3 ratio since 720x540 seems to be the default, but is anybody adjusting the settings and scaling up? Here are 3 common sizes I’ve seen people talk about in the past:

  • 720x540 – This is a standard screen size Studio ’09 products (and PowerPoint @ 72dpi), as well as the default setting for Storyline. It also sounds like this is what Articulate recommends for playback on the iPad too. It seems to me that this is the standard
  • 1024x768 – Is anybody creating projects at this size? This is the size of the “common” monitor and is generally considered pretty large. I know a few developers who create their projects at this size.
  • 800x600- I’ve heard some chatter about this being a minimum for 504 compliance, but haven’t looked into it further. Also, this is the default setting that some other authoring tools use.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. The Articulate community rocks! 


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Ryan DeWitt

That thread is helpful but I've found that experimenting and testing is the answer for your situation and player settings, especially for mobile dev. There are several screen factors that may change the optimal aspect ratio. Also, be careful not to commit to a larger size if you're planning on intensive video.