partial missing content library?

So yes, there's a post about this and that article on whitelisting endpoints (which I would totally look into IF the article would say how /where the Storyline app setting ARE to set them)

Video of search + load more + load more fail + load more success:  

[[ side note: Why is my VALID vimeo link ( deemed NOT valid by your  <Insert Video> here? -even made the vimeo setting to "Anyone" can view]]?

Anywho, so I am asking this because I didn't know if the other poster's problem had theirs with a break of no content, followed by more content. 

And finally, y'all think it IS a whitelist issue, I will happily do all the whitelisting I can, just tell me how (my situat'n: work from home, on work issues laptop, local/home network, very first this time this has happened (have been working like this since April 2018) - if that helps...

Want Photos Please!





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Katie Riggio

Happy Monday, Alison!

Thanks for walking us through what's happening. I'd love to help you investigate both concerns:

  1. Exclamation icons in Content Library 360: The network endpoints article is a great place to start. Also, are you using a VPN at home? We have seen issues where this impacted Content Library 360 functions. If you and your IT team don't see any issues and need a hand, please let our Support team know. They'll work with you one-on-one for a more in-depth look! 
  2. Vimeo link: We'll first need to grab the Embed code from the Vimeo video, and then use the Insert Video from Website option. I'm unable to access the share function from your video, but I'll show you how the process looks like in Vimeo and in Storyline 360 with a sample one! Click here for a visual walk-through.  

Excited to hear back!

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Alison!

On second thought, I realized you could have meant that you hit a snag when trying to insert your Vimeo video right into this discussion. 😅

Here's what I see when pasting into the Video URL:


For this scenario, we'll need to unlock the video's Privacy setting to 'Anyone.' Here's a short video of the process!